Office of the Premier of Niue

Hon. Sir Toke Tufukia Talagi

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Title: Meeting with senior students from Niue high School 
Issue Date: 7 June 2018
Issued by: Premier
 I enjoyed meeting these students’ to talk about their school. It gives me an opportunity to explain how I see the school and what needs to be addressed.

It gave them the opportunity to work out the three areas we tend to focus our attention when we discuss education generally. Students, teachers, and the school buildings services are those things we focus on. All three are important with the general idea that all are geared to ensure the students are getting the best possible environment to learn.

Good well qualified, well paid teachers able to tutor and teach our students. But they should also be responsive and work hard to use the internet.

With the students, we focus on getting them the best learning environment to enable them to move into the wide world.

It was important that they are given the best options so they can decide.

That not all students are academically focused. There are other vocational training options in all trades they can participate and make a living from.

Trades for example gave them a chance to earn money as soon as they leave school. Either as plumbers, builders, electricians, mechanics as labourers to start and eventually to take the trade scholars available from Australia.

That students who opt for further academic studies may not earn the same till they complete their degrees which may take 3-5 years.

We talked about money. How we learn at showdays and by watching people sell at the market. Those are life skills they participate in by helping their parents.

They learn that they can make money and can use their muscles and life skills to earn money.
The need to be disciplined and save and invest. Banking and how to pay using debit cards. I did not talk to them about looking after their account details but they should be careful.

These are life skills not taught at school so they need to read from the internet and observing other businesses

I tried to use my own experience so they can learn. The successes and failures I’ve had. Learning to cut my loses and stop the failures. We then talked about the school buildings, toilets, walkways and we agreed to work on a project for funds to build these.

We’ll meet again to discuss these in 2-3 weeks.

I admired their understanding of what, why they must help. A nice school makes everyone feel good.
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  2. Managing Director


Title: A short tribute
Issue Date: 24 April 2018
Issued by: Premier
 Farewell to a friend His Excellency Ross Arden and Laurell.

So it has come to pass. A most turbulent time in our history where HE Ross Arden presided over has come to an end. This prompted a member of the "Good riddance tribe" to make his profound view known. The fact that he arrived when he did was a God send. His tenure was turbulent for the right reasons for the wrong people. To wish him good riddance is ignorant by an ignoramus.

It is my view that we were lucky he ended up as the longest most effective New Zealand High Commissioner to Niue that I have had the pleasure to work with. He understood us and our dreams and I suspect many working hours trying to explain our vision and aspirations to his superiors in Wellington. Not an easy task by any means.

We and they had suffered from colonial fatigue and development inertia. It was hard enough for us but equally baffling for officials. They had seen it all heard it all watched us fail it all.

His Excellency worked very hard to support our new vision and desire to change. Many people resisted this new way and preferred the old and known and established way. Even though it had failed us they could not see that there was another way which would change the dynamics of our country.

He understood our vision and worked very hard to ensure we would be successful by seeking funds and support from Wellington.

He goes home and will be the new Administrator to Tokelau.

We wish him and Laurell well.


Title: The week
Issue Date: 19 April 2018
Published by: Premier
Publication type: Official information
We welcomed the new Australia High Commission to New Zealand, H.E. Mr Ewen McDonald who presented his credentials. We discussed waste support and training to be continued. He was happy with his visit and we were pleased to host them. 

We have discussed support for old folk. The idea is we have people in the village visit the daily for companionship.

We were advised that we’ll need some new rooms at the hospital so we’ve ordered 2 self-contained units. They will be here within the next two boats to the island.

Tamakautoga have agreed to buy a tractor and mower to help clear their bush roads. DAFF are supposed to do this but have been unreliable. The tractor will be funded by the annual grant to VCs. A loan from the NDB is being organised.
The tractor will be maintained by one person but the on-going cost will be shared. It will come with mower and blade.

The bases for the 4G towers are complete and construction of the tower started in Kaho, Avatele.
The base at Lakepa is being cured and work on the tower will start in a few weeks.
We are still launching the 4G in June.

The undersea cable laying tenders are being finalised. Plans for landing the cable will be on Crown land near the wharf with other potential sites being considered. Engineers have been on island to identify and plan the best site.

The work at the new supermarket at Fonuakula is progressing well.

The new Tāoga building is also on track.

Plans are being reviewed on the use of the Commercial Centre in central Alofi. The land is managed by NDB who will be given an opportunity to present future plans.

The old Bach at Utuko is being considered for new owners. They will be requested to present plans for the renovation of the building to ensure the building is safe.

The Liolau accommodation proposal is almost starting. It’s been a very long process but Pats Sionetama who is helping with the negotiations is hoping to have this started in a month or so.

The land committee has established to review the land laws and make recommendations on where to begin.

A tax group has been meeting to discuss any changes to our tax law.
A report with preliminary recommendations will be presented to cabinet soon

The new port operations collections have been doing well. Most feel that it treats everyone the same.

That’s the week it has been. We’ll advise other initiatives next week.


Title: Our strategic plans
Issue Date: 16 April 2018
Published by: Premier
Publication type: Official information
Our Vision is simple
Niue ke Monuina
A prosperous Niue

We live in the middle of the ocean surrounded by our 200 mile EEZ. This is the environment and biodiversity that surrounds and sustains us.
We need to nurture and protect this so it will continue to sustain and provide for us for years and generations to come.
But there is another fundamental requirement and it relates to the absorptive capacity of that environment to cope with our occupation including all fauna and flora and all living beings.
Currently the view for example is we can increase tourism numbers to 20,000 per year. Any higher than this will cause the environment to be overwhelmed and start failing.
More work needs to be done to measure the impact of increased numbers on our environment and its absorptive capacity.
Our ability to use this environment therefore requires very careful thought and planning. The things we build and use to support and sustain us must be done to protect and support our environment. This is particularly critical with the waste products we produce and import.
The vision of a prosperous Niue therefore relates not just to people but the environment that sustain us.
To achieve this requires us to work on what we believe to be the priorities to achieve the vision.
If we assume that life would be better or more prosperous if we can provide good basic infrastructure then roads, power, telecoms, water, port, airport, transport by plane and sea. These physical infrastructure must be provided and maintained.
The vision is not just one thing. It is a series of quality services and physical systems that will make up the whole.
Prosperity is a series of services and systems that together make our lives better and or prosperous.
It is also the protection of our environment so we can continue to enjoy its many bounties.
Social services in health education and community.
The physical infrastructure we must provide to make our lives easier. Power, water, telecommunications, roads port, airport are key priorities
Transport by air and sea needs to be reliable, affordable, stable and regular.
The financial services are including our revenue sources, capital lending, expenditure controls and management of the annual.


Title: Population
Issue Date: 5 April 2018
Published by: Premier
Publication type: Official information
Population as I see it, the local population has been in decline since the 50s when people left in droves for better opportunities.
We were unable to stem the tide until about 2015 when we were able to stop this decline and slowly built up small numbers returning.
This is still a work in progress but there is now stability. We can repopulate Niue with migrants. But there are social issues that we need to work through before any decision is made.
We can import labour but need to be sure that these are managed. These are not migrants and can only stay for a certain period. They will not be allowed to apply for residency.
Our current policy to increase the consumers are based on tourism. So that the more we are able to attract the better the business viability’s for private sector companies. Good for government tax revenues as well.
We are encouraging our own people to produce more and have incentives of $2000 to help all resident new born. We also offer $10,000 to returning scholarships to allow them to re-establish and support them.
We will ensure that jobs are available for those wishing to return in similar manner to those on Niue
We encourage investment by young niueans who wish to return and start a business here in the same way we support our local businesses.
Hope this helps. We are one of the only countries to stem the flow and rebuild our population we have allocated our own funds to pay for all these.