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Title: Roading and Other Developments
Issue Date: 21 February 2019
Issue by: Premier

The second stage of roading from Namoui going north has started. The village volunteers keen to have their roads sealed like Avatele, have worked very hard to help Lapo and his boys seal the roads.

However, we are finding too many drivers are driving too fast on the new seal damaging it. The subsequent rains have not helped.

As a consequence we’ll start speed humps to slow traffic down. It will slow the whole roading programme down as well as we need to protect our machines as well.

They will be set in concrete or we may import or both.

We’ll decide soon on this including where they will be installed and costs.

The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is starting to take shape. It is on the right hand side when driving up to the airport and before the Public Service Building. You can see that the basic structure is up and looking like a building.


The Indonesian workers have arrived at last. They are labourers who have been assigned to roading and one mechanic is working with the heavy plant division.

Not certain what was said at the last assembly meeting but seems that the government is misappropriating, spending without authorization etc.

Let me say this: the government is clear about the law and follows it as required.

I’m not certain if the opposition members are aware of these laws and how they apply.

The SOE annual report was tabled in the house. It would appear that some members either don’t know how to read them or understand them.

I’m pretty clear about the numbers and can calculate the balance sheet if need be using those figures.

Anyone can make wild accusations but let me quote part of the Radio NZ apology to me:

“There were further serious allegations of illegality and unlawfulness on the part of the Premier made by an MP of the Niue Assembly.
Since the article's publication RNZ has learnt that New Zealand's Government is not carrying out an investigation into Sir Toke's shareholdings in Niue's state-owned enterprises.
Furthermore, the MP's allegations of illegality and unlawfulness have been found to be baseless”

This says a lot about the type of nonsense that’s been bandied around at present.  It is a vindication of what I do and how we manage the affairs of this Government for the people of Niue

Our vision remains:



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Title: Forum in Nauru
Issue Date: 11 September 2018
Issue by: Premier
Well that was interesting.

There was a bit of biff, a bit of dancing, and a bit of no change.

The Pacific Island Forum is stuck on first gear. It is much focused on continuing to do the same things. Add the Council of regional Organisations in the Pacific (CROP) agencies and we have some very well-meaning people doing the same thing over and over again.

It’s climate change politics. It seems we’ve got to convince people and many don’t want to be bothered.

I wanted to focus more on money but didn’t get much joy.

I think they wanted that as well but only after getting everyone to do it our way. But the problem is that countries will agree to what they can manage. There are other factors which on balance and in the short term will not make them see it our way.

Therefore my view is to get them to give us money to help us mitigate and adapt.

Fisheries remains bogged down and were not sure if we can get any more from that vast rich resource. As I’ve said before, licences are not good for us. We need a good partner to provide surveillance and help stop illegal fishing. Either the Chinese, or the USA will have the capacity and support to help us. Add New Zealand, Australia and we have good security support. They appear to be willing as well.

Found it interesting and amusing to hear them talk about our small population. In fact we have a lot more if we add the visitors. Brings us 12,000 annually and we’ll off as well. So in comparison to Tuvalu or Nauru which have about 11,000 the difference is disposable income.

Nauru is a contradiction though and they do their own thing. It’s what they do I think.

Different folks, different strokes.

We had some good bilateral but nothing new. China, Japan, Cuba, India and Philippines. Short chat to new Foreign Affairs Minister of Australia Hon Marise Payne, Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern and Rt Hon Winston Peters.

Ross Ardern was there and Jonathan Kings.

I suppose we’re comfortable with all of them really and quite good exchanges.

An idea we may try are to appoint young people as ambassadors for each country. Make them Learn about those countries.

Trade trading is now an integral part of schools and pupil are given these options at year 11. Might try those at home.

On Nauru itself, it makes money from phosphates still, refugee camp with the Australians and Taiwan spends a fair bit.

In many respects they are much better off financially than we are.

Like us though it is complex politically and tend to do things their way.