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Investiture day in Niue with New Zealand Governer General the Rt. Hon Dame Patsy Reddy.
Photo: Huga Talagi
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The Honourable Sir Toke Tufukia Talagi has been Premier of Niue since 2008 and a Common Roll member of the Niue Assembly since 1999.
Mr Talagi has overseen a significant expansion of the tourism industry resulting in increased jobs and income for the people of Niue. He has been a key player in the Polynesia Leaders Group, and as Premier was instrumental in Niue becoming one of the founding members of the Group.
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Latest Updates
  1. New Biosecurity Notice
    New Biosecurity Notice
    As of the first week of September 2018, The Niue Biosecurity Authority will be inspecting all raw taro, coconut, cassava, yam, honey and kaluku that would be export...
  2. Meeting with senior NHS...
    Meeting with senior NHS...
    Today I met the old students who still owe money to IRD (Inland Revenue Department) for their student loans. Some students didn’t bother to turn up...
  1. Today I met the old students...
    Today I met the old students...
    Today I met the old students who still owe money to IRD (Inland Revenue Department) for their student loans. Some students didn’t bother to turn up...
  2. Bits and pieces
    Bits and pieces
    The idea of localising the Tourism director position has been tried. Didn’t work well. We employ a number of experts to help us do jobs our own people struggle with. The idea of using these people which include almost all departments on the island...
  1. Assembly this week
    Assembly this week
    Assembly was held on Wednesday this week and the budget 2018/19 was passed without too much fuss Terry mumbled about the “plus and minus”...
  2. This week happenings
    This week happenings
    Had a good meeting with Acting Prime Minister Rt Hon Winston Peters this week. I'm pleased to learn there will be more funds however the challenge is to have access to these funds.
  1. Kiwibank and Niue Agency
    Kiwibank and Niue Agency
    Meeting of the minds bode well for the future. I met with senior Kiwibank executives who came to celebrate the first 5 years of our excellent relationship...
  2. Celebrating Kiwibank
    Celebrating Kiwibank
    We are doing some very interesting things at present. Developments have been coming thick and fast over the past ten years, which it is has been hard for some to keep up...
  1. Radio this week - something light..
    Radio this week - something light..
    I missed the radio weekly program because of the assembly meetings last week and this week. Much to the relief of my senior colleagues in Cabinet who were a bit..
  2. Drive to Limu...
    Drive to Limu...
    Went for a drive to Limu today. Roads were not bad. A few potholes but if you drive carefully you should not hit any. But there were a lot of ‘Speedy Gonzales’ ...
  1. Budget
    So, its very quiet from the media on the budget. But that’s understandable. The simplification, I think, has caught everyone by surprise. When you demystify...
  2. Japan's Grant for the Economic...
    Japan's Grant for the Economic...
    On 21 June 2018, the signing ceremony took place for a grant aid of one hundred million (¥100,000,000) Japanese Yen in fiscal year 2018 for Japan's Economic...
  1. Budget Statement 18/19
    JUN 20
    Budget Statement 18/19
    The Premier of Niue Hon. Sir Toke Talagi announced today in his 2018/2019 Budget Statement the Government’s intention to deliver a fiscally prudent..
  2. The du-er debate
    MAY 24
    The du-er debate
    Sometimes, I tend to have a quiet chuckle over certain things that happen. This is certainly true of the blind leading the blind which can occur without anyone the wiser..
  1. MAY 23
    Radio Talk
    I was happy with my radio slot and tried to discuss a wide range of topics. We finally got two pure Electric vehicles today. These are the first...
  2. Niue High School UV Water
    MAY 16
    Niue High School UV Water
    The Niue Department of Health would like to inform the general public. That the water at the Niue High School (NHS) is now safe for all of the students and teachers..
  1. USA Ambassador Brown meeting
    MAY 15
    USA Ambassador Brown meeting
    United States of America Ambassador H.E Scott Brown meets Premier Hon Sir Toke Talagi, KNZM with Niue High Commissioner HE Fisa...
  2. Radio Talk
    MAY 9
    Radio Talk
    I’ll miss my radio slot this week again. I was beginning to enjoy talking to you all. I know I can be boring but I guess it’s better to hear from me and not to hear at all...
TUESDAY 15  MAY 2018
News Updates & Releases
  1. Morbi nunc odi
    Niue Primary UV Water
    SATURDAY 5 MAY 2018
    Charley Roughen should be given credit for buying and installing these Thanks Charley you done good for our children. Came up and saw you installing primary school UV. Hope clievenn and hospital paid you...
  2. Morbi nunc odi
    Waste Recycling
    FRIDAY 4 MAY 2018
    Biological waste compost and Biogas, plastic processing for road sealing recycling waste oil and so forth While we talk about the need to do some work...
  3. Morbi nunc odi
    ADB Membership
    WEDNESDAY 2 MAY 2018
    Had good meetings with the president of the ADB yesterday and he seems to be supportive of our application to become a member. At the meeting of the...
  1. Morbi nunc odi
    The week
    THURSDAY 20 APRIL 2018
    We welcomed the new Australia High Commission to New Zealand, H.E. Mr Ewen McDonald who presented his credentials. We discussed waste support and training to be continued. He was happy with his visit and we were pleased...
  2. Morbi nunc odi
    Our Anzac tribute
    MONDAY 23 APRIL 2018
    The Prime Minister of NZ, Maui Pomare, has arrived to take our volunteers. 150 strong and brave soldiers are leaving our shores and going off to the war. “I am Niue, a small child reaching out my hand to help King George V and his...
  3. Morbi nunc odi
    A short tribute
    TUESDAY 24 APRIL 2018
    Farewell to a friend His Excellency Ross Arden and Laurell. So it has come to pass. A most turbulant time in our history where HE Ross Arden presided over has come to an end. Prompting a member of the Good...
  1. Morbi nunc odi
    Our Strategic Plans
    MONDAY 16 APRIL 2018
    Our Vision is simple, Niue ke Monuina A prosperous Niue We live in the middle of the ocean surrounded by our 200 mile EEZ. This is the environment...
  2. Morbi nunc odi
    Population as I see it, the local population has been in decline since the 50s when people left in droves for better opportunities. We were unable to stem the tide until about 2015 when we were able to stop this decline an...
  3. Morbi nunc odi
    Press Release
    TUESDAY 13 MARCH 2018
    The Premier of Niue said he was very pleased to host the new Prime Minister and her delegation to Niue recently. “We held some excellent discussions on our current initiatives and policy directions. The Prime Minister and her delegation...